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 Pirikara Chicken

Chicken breast, cut into bite-sized pieces, fried golden brown & topped with a
sweet & spicy sauce. A Japanese Palace specialty!


Barbecued Shrimp

Delicious fresh shrimp served on a skewer
perfectly seasoned & grilled, just the way you like it.



Freshly prepared soybeans lightly salted. A guilt free snack that is loaded
with flavor & bursting with protein.


Shrimp Tempura

Butterflied, succulent famous shrimp & fresh vegetables dipped in
our famous chilled batter, fried to a crispy golden brown.


Sushi Sampler*

A sampling of assorted fresh sushi, Chef’s choice.
A sampling of assorted fresh sushi, accompanied by a California roll.


Sashimi Platter*

A sampling of Chef’s choice assorted sashimi.
A great appetizer to share with friends.




Ozeki Nigori Sake

Unfiltered sake that looks milky & is mildly sweet tasting.


Hakushika Junmai Ginjo

Fresh, fruity sake with subtle sweet flavor & a smooth finish.


Hana awaka

Refreshing sparkling sake with soft sweetness.


Sesshu Otokoyama: Man’s Mountain in Sesshu

Brewed in Itami, the birthplace of sake, a smooth & clean finish.


Dreamy Clouds

A rare quality nigori (cloudy) sake. Aromas of squash and nuts.
Big, Rich, Broad, and Dry.








Fresh, well-base taste that all type of sake connoisseurs appreciate.


Ask your server for a Sushi Menu.




Served with a garden salad with Japanese Palace special dressing, Japanese chicken broth soup,
six fresh hibachi grilled vegetables, 2 shrimp appetizers, & steamed rice.
Extra plate includes salad, soup, steamed rice.

Teppan Yaki Chicken

Teppan chicken filet in the original Japanese style.
Served with 2 savory shrimp flamed in brandy.


Japanese Palace Special

Tender choice steak & boneless chicken grilled with 2 savory shrimp,
carefully flamed in brandy. 


Teppan yaki Chicken & Shrimp

Boneless tender chicken & savory shrimp flamed in brandy.


Choice New York Strip

8 oz. tender choice New York strip steak, grilled to perfection,
keeping the quality of famous Japanese beef.
Accompanied by 2 savory shrimp, flamed in brandy.


Filet Mignon

8 oz. tenderloin steak that will melt in your mouth. Grilled to your liking & served
with 2 savory shrimp.


Choice Beef Strips

Thin strips of tender beef sauteed in our own famous sauce with 2 savory shrimp,
then flamed with brandy.


Salmon Dinner

6 oz. fresh salmon fillet, carefully grilled to perfection with our teriyaki sauce.


Ocean Scallops

Tender, sweet scallops sauteed in butter, lemon & soy sauce.
Served with 2 savory shrimp flamed in brandy.


Shrimp Dinner

Fresh jumbo shrimp sauteed to perfection with
lemon, butter & soy sauce.


Emperor’s Dinner

New York steak aged to perfection, combined with lobster,
teppan shrimp, tempura appetizer & 6 delicious teppan vegetables.

All prepared with fine wine, brandy & special sauces, served with 
orange sherbet, fortune cookie & takkuri of warm sake or plum wine.


Seafood Combination

Succulent cold water lobster tail, tender sweet scallops and
savory shrimp sauteed in lemon butter and soy sauce.


Choice New York Steak with Shrimp

Choice New York steak, well-marbled to ensure excellent taste and
tenderness, grilled to your liking and accompanied by savory shrimp.


Filet Mignon & Chicken Breast

4 oz. filet mignon and moist chicken breast grilled to perfection


*Japanese Palace Bento Box

Nigiri, rolls, sashimi, baked fish, yakitori tempura and miso soup.

Japanese Palace Fried Rice, is a perfect compliment to any entree.

Japanese Palace Panda

Absolut Madarin Vodka, Midori, Blue Curacao & sour.


Pina Colada

Our famous rum cocktail with cream of coconut & pineapple juice.


French Kiss

Ketel One Vodka shaken with sours & raspberry. Garnished with an orange slice.


Mai Tai

A blend of rums & tropical fruit.


 Chilled Plum Wine



Ages 12 & under.


Junior Special

Tender beef strips with boneless chicken and savory shrimp, including soup, salad,
rice & sherbet.


Kids Specialty Drinks

Served with a light-up ice cube!

Karate Kid


Cherry Blossom


Souvenir Mug

Japanese ceramic mugs.



Ask hostess for details.


Orange Sherbet


Green Tea Ice Cream


Red Bean Ice Cream


Birthday Cakes

Served with a fire sparkler & origami crane






If you have special nutritional requirements, please let your server know.
We would be happy to accommodate your request.
* Consumer Advisory: Consumption of raw or under cooked food may increase your risk of food-borne illness.